LA’s The Coffee Bean Coming to DC

UPDATE: The grand opening celebration of the Coffee Bean at the Washington Hilton will be on Tuesday, February 14th from 7:00am-10:00am.

Living in DC, our best mainstream coffee options tend to be Starbucks Coffee, Dunkin Donuts, or Caribou Coffee. Starbucks is always a solid choice, and the fact that they now offer rewards, every drink you buy gets you closer to a free one. If you download the Starbucks app on your iPhone, you don’t even need bring your wallet. Just scan, and go! Dunkin Donuts coffee is good, but for me, their drinks are never consistent. And knowing I can pick up a few munchkins with my coffee, I’m just better off staying away. As for Caribou, if I’m desperate and nothing else is around, I’ll buy a cup. Otherwise, I could live without it.

But Washingtonian’s, let us rejoice. We have a new coffee shop coming to town! That’s right, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is opening their first DC location this month inside the lobby of the Washington Hilton in Dupont Circle. Even though there are a few locations in NYC and other random locations scattered on the East Coast, it’s exciting not to have to travel out West anymore just for a delicious coffee from the Coffee Bean (even though it’s always a good excuse to travel—I especially love staying at the Palazzo in Las Vegas just because they have a Coffee Bean in their lobby!)

Are you worried about having to go into a hotel lobby to get your coffee? I happened to read on a recent Twitter post that they will be offering 5 minute parking spots just for customers. Let’s hope it’s true! I pass by this hotel everyday on my way home from school, so knowing I can pop-in quickly is great for me (but maybe not for my wallet). Also, if they open one location, I’m sure they’ll eventually be opening more around town.

For those of you who have never been to a Coffee Bean, they are known for their Ice Blended drinks (and almost all flavors are offered with a no sugar added version). For tea lovers, there are tons of tea latte options. Since DC doesn’t yet require the nutrition information to be listed on all menus, I always like to be prepared and check out that information before I order. Here are the nutrition guides for the cold and hot drinks. Need an excuse to get a cup o’ joe? Coffee comes with lots of benefits! But remember, everything in moderation.

A grand opening party should be happening soon, so I’m definitely going to keep tabs on that! Now that the Coffee Bean is coming to DC, can we get Peets Coffee and Tea to do the same?


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