Childhood Obesity in a Nutshell

1 in 3 American children is overweight or obese. Does that surprise you? Kids are spending more time watching TV, sitting in from of the computer, and playing video games. Combine that with the large amount of junk food they are eating, and it really can’t be THAT shocking that kids today are out of shape and on the road to becoming an overweight adult.

This poster “Targeting Children with Treats” from and MAT@USC was created in an effort to encourage nutritional standards for school meals. It really sums up the problem quite nicely.

What does everyone think of this poster? Do you think enough is being done to prevent and combat childhood obesity in America? 


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One response to “Childhood Obesity in a Nutshell

  1. Lindsay

    I don’t think that America is doing enough. There should be more done in schools. Many parents, as we discussed yesterday are not aware of such issues like childhood obesity and many not know how to prevent such issues from occuring. Food, inc. is a great film that depicts a glimpse into issues like Mcdonalds low cost food compared to the high cost of healthy food in grocery stores. If they cannot afford it, they think why spend it.
    Great blog post!

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