A Farewell to Bisquick

On some lucky Saturday mornings, I treat my husband to chocolate chip pancakes. I could really just serve a plate full of chocolate chips and he would be completely satisfied, but that’s a whole other story! For the past few years, I’d make pancakes the easy way, using pancake mix by Bisquick. However, I would use the Heart Smart kind since I was trying to be healthier. The pancakes would come out just fine, nothing extraordinary, but we were satisfied with the taste, and I was happy that they were easy to make! But now after everything that I’m learning about nutrition, although the calories and fat may be lower, the flour is still enriched and bleached.

Bye bye Bisquick!

So why was this Saturday different from all other Saturdays? I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Why not make the batter from scratch?” Making things from scratch is typically not my forte. However, I’ve really been cooking way more than I’ve ever cooked in my life, so I figured why not be adventurous?

Since I had no actual recipe, I went to trusty Healthy Aperture for some pancakespiration (yes, I just made up that word). I didn’t want to get too adventurous with toppings, so I was looking mostly at the batter recipes that I could simply add some chocolate chips to. I found two recipes that looked great, one for Pomegranate Chocolate Chip Pancakes and the other for Cardamom Pear Pancakes. The batter ingredients were a good start, but not exactly what I had available to me in the kitchen.

In the end, I used those batter recipes as a jumping-point off and wound up making the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever made from scratch, or ever! (Ok, I know it was from my first time making pancakes from scratch, but regardless, they were seriously delicious!)

Here is the recipe:

Seriously Delicious Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Seriously Delicious Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Yields 8 pancakes


1 cup all-purpose white flour

1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour

1 tablespoon Splenda

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 1/3 cups non-fat milk

1 egg

1 tablespoon Earth Balance organic buttery spread (melted)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips (or more if you have a sweet tooth!)


A few of the ingredients I used

Mix all dry ingredients together, then add wet ingredients. Heat pan or griddle to medium heat. Grease with cooking spray  or butter (I used a little of the Earth Balance). Ladle enough batter into the pan for the pancake size of your liking and heat until bubbles form, then flip. Repeat with remaining batter. If you have left over chocolate chips, feel free to sprinkle a few on top.

I cannot tell you how nervous I was to be making these pancakes. I kept thinking how awful they were going to taste, but I completely surprised myself, and my husband! Although I would prefer to use only whole wheat flour, I need to experiment more before completely eliminating the white flour to ensure the taste is there.

Don't worry, I ate those last two bites

Thanks very much to Running to the Kitchen and Teaspoon Communications for the pancakespiration!


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