What a Difference a Year (and a Half) Makes!

If you would have told me a year and a half ago that I’d soon be quitting my job to go to back to school, I would have thought you were out of your mind! If you were to also tell me that I’d soon be adopting a dog, I would have also had the same reaction–you’re off your rocker!

What a difference a year and a half makes! I’m now back in college AND I own a dog. So much has changed in such little time, and I’ve never been happier! While most of my posts are about nutrition and my journey to becoming an RD, I wanted to post about one of my new-found passions–helping rescue dogs find their forever homes!

Growing up, I was never a dog person, mostly because we never owned a dog and I just wasn’t exposed to too many. When my husband and I got married, we talked a little bit about getting a dog, but it just never really seemed like a reality, mostly because I didn’t really care either way about having one. They seemed cute, but were they worth the responsibility??

Our lucky dog Fred

In late 2010, I started thinking about the idea and decided I would surprise my husband for Chanukah with the idea of getting a dog. He loved the idea and we started our search for the perfect pup. We knew we only wanted to rescue a dog, so we started our search by going to local animal shelters. None of the dogs we met seemed like a good fit for us. Then, we wound up discovering Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, a local organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals. We went through all of the necessary channels to become qualified to adopt, and then attended our first adoption event. If anyone says love at first sight doesn’t exist, they are wrong! The first dog I saw was Fred, and I knew he was the one for us. Less than an hour later, Fred was ours and the rest is history!

Truly got adopted!

My husband and I recently starting volunteering with Lucky Dog at their adoption events as dog handlers. It is such a rewarding experience to help other dogs out there to find their forever homes. Last weekend, I helped a rescue miniature poodle named Truly find her new home. My husband handled a sweet dalmatian mix named Angel Lyn, who knew how to sit and even give a paw. She is still looking to be adopted!

Angel Lyn is such a good girl

Tomorrow, we’ll be driving Skip Jack to an adoption event out in Falls Church. Skip Jack is a retriever/basset hound mix that is SUCH a sweetheart and loves a good belly rub. We really hope he finds his new parents soon!

Skip Jack needs to find his home!

I’m loving our new-found passion for volunteering with Lucky Dog, and can’t wait to help future dogs find their new homes!

Have you recently discovered a new-found passion?


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