What’s been going on?

I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve been neglecting this blog the past couple of weeks, but I think once I explain what’s been (and is still) going on, you’d agree that school comes first and blogging comes last!

It’s been midterm week (which actually feels like it’s bled into two weeks). Once one test or quiz is over, it’s onto study for the next one. I’ve also had to complete two case studies in the past couple of weeks (both at least 15 pages each!) Taking 17 credits of all science based courses is anything but easy.

Besides actual schoolwork and studying, I also started shadowing at a hospital this month. It’s been SUCH an eye-opening and educational experience for me. The first week of March, I was in the kitchen of the hospital learning about food service. I helped on the tray line and saw all of the different diets that patients could receive. It’s really important to understand what these diets are since, as an RD, you’ll be helping to decide which diet is most appropriate. Last week, I was shadowing an RD on the long-term acute care floor. I cannot begin to tell you how much I learned! We calculated TPN and enteral feedings, calculated IBW, BMI, and energy needs, went over patients’ charts and determined what the medical issues were, and so much more! Needless to say, it’s a lot of math, but once you get enough practice, it’s not so hard. If you think that being a clinical dietitian is solely deciding what food people should eat, you are completely wrong. There is so much involved in their jobs, and I really respect the work they do for their patients. I’ve already learned so much at the hospital, and still have this week left!

My classmates and I looking like real RDs!

Last week, I was inducted into a national scientific honor society, Beta Kappa Chi. I honestly never thought I’d be saying those words, since I never used considered myself a “science” person, but I’m quite proud to been a member and look forward to meeting others in the scientific community.

Besides that, I’m just trying to get through this week. I finished my cardiovascular case study last night (it’s due Wednesday, so I’m early!), I have a test and presentation tomorrow, another test Tuesday, a presentation Wednesday, more school Thursday, and then guess what? SPRING BREAK!

I’ve never, ever gone anywhere for spring break before. But this year, I’m going to SPAIN! I leave Thursday night for an amazing adventure and absolutely cannot wait. In between studying, going to the hospital, and trying to have somewhat of a social life, I’ve also been trying to plan out what I’ll be doing in Spain. I have a rough idea, but still more planning needs to happen between now and Thursday night (how is that going to happen??) I also need to start packing at some point, but I’m sure I’ll wait until the very last minute.  Anyway, I’m super excited, and hope to blog one more time before my trip.


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